Monday, July 25, 2005

A swim in the bathroom

My little brother is getting married this weekend and so we are going to have a few visitors staying with us (if my kids are anything like they are THIS SECOND while our guests are here I am sure they will vacate the premisis within nanoseconds of stepping through the front door). Most of our guests will be relatives from New Zealand. I am pretty excited about them coming - we haven't seen them in ages, and frankly, it will be fun to have people around who talk funny (I just want to see if the kids pick up on it - yeah, I have NO life).

One very cool thing about NZ is their bathrooms. In most homes, the shower is in one room, the toilet in another, and the bathtub in another still. Why we don't do that in Canada I haven't been able to figure out. Imagine being able to take a crap while someone is having a shower IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ROOM (Ok, I know most people can do this already with the advent of more than one bathroom in a house, but when I was a kid and we only had one place we could do our business, it would have been a very very cool thing to have indeed).

Speaking of bathrooms, Ethan has done really well in the toilet training department. He is at the point now where he demands privacy and he can do it "ALL BY MYSELF". Too bad I got super excited about him actually peeing, and not concentrating enough on where (specifically, his aim). I figured the toilet bowl is a big thing, and he is not, so it shouldn't be that difficult. But when I stepped into the bathroom the other day and into a huge puddle that was NOWHERE NEAR the toilet bowl, my first thought was "Oh shit - what the hell is leaking?". Now, being a woman who has never HAD to pee standing up, I don't give any thought to aim at all, I obviously am going to have to change my thinking as the testosterone level in this house is overwhelming. So needless to say, nothing was leaking, but my oldest son's aim was way way way off. I have heard of using cheerios in the toilet bowl as a target, but knowing my luck, Nicholas would just discover that as a new and tasty treat, and I am just not going to go there!

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