Friday, December 30, 2005

My poor poor baby.

His mom is a dumbass. I have no idea what the hell made me think that I am remotely qualified to cut the hair of my second born. He sits still for about 2 seconds at a time, on a good day. I managed to get him strapped into his high chair, put the tv on, and away I went. the top and sides look fantastic. The back...well that is a WHOLE OTHER STORY. I brought out the clippers. He moved. And my baby looks like a rat had a good gnaw at the back of his head under his new bowl cut. Oh it is bad. My husband laughed. Hard. If Nicholas only knew how awful the back of his head looked he wouldn't step out in public for at least a year. Because that is how long it is going to be before the hack job at the back of his head grows back. Sigh.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

A bit of a hiatus...

Ummmm....oops. Seems I haven't blogged in a bit. Honestly, I haven't had the energy with all the Christmas stuff, work stuff, and stupid "why the hell did I decide to do that" online courses. I write my final for my course on January 9th, and then it is back to some sort of normal way of life...I hope.

I have about a zillion pictures to upload, but for now, cruise on over to this cool site for some great shots. Of course I am talking about my kids! My Bro and brand new sis (yea!) were over last night to babysit the munchkins while Ken and I took in a hockey game.

I love going to hockey games. The world junior's are here in Vancouver right now, and Canada played at the game we were at last night. You see all kinds of people at the games (and we saw these guys at the bar afterwards too...)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Almost gone.

There was a big dump of snow in the greater Vancouver area last week (ok, for you on the east coast it was more likely a "skiff") - and it is just disappearing from our place now. We are up quite high on a hill, and for some weird reason, right in the middle of a snowbelt. Six blocks up from our place and six blocks down, there is about half the amount of snow that we get at our house. The kids love it. Driving to work is a challenge. For about 5 minutes. Four wheel drive for about a mile, and then it is all rain and no snow. Truly bizarre.

Anyways, here is the first snowman of the year. Ethan can't wait to build #2.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Meet Gordon.

Most little ones have an object that they covet, love, and will never leave home without. A warm, cuddly lovey. Somthing that doesn't hurt like hell when it is accidently smacked against your upper lip.

Nicholas' constant companion is a regular fixture around this place. Meet Gordon.

Gordon is one of Thomas the tank engine's friends. Nicholas knows the name of most of them, but Gordon is by far his favourite. Gordon was aquired about three months ago at the bottom of a box of train tracks that I picked up at a garage sale. As you can see, he has been well used. Gordon does everything Nicholas does. He is the most well fed and bathed train. EVER.

Here is Gordon playing in the leaves.

Gordon having breakfast with Santa.

Gordon's first time in the snow. It was a bit cold, but we think he enjoyed himself.

Nicholas loves his Gordon Train. You won't get a look this cute if you decide to mess with his cherished toy.

No, he may not be as cuddly as a soft, plush animal, but you can still take him to bed and love him just as much.

The science geek in me couldn't resist.

This is a pretty cool site (if you are a geek...which I am). Just put anything you want in, and the brainy one will write it for you.

A whole new way to shop...

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate to grocery shop. Because this past couple of weeks have pretty much gone to hell in a handbasket, and the stress levels have hit an all-time high (and a special big thank-you goes out preschool parents everywhere who make "parent participation" a four letter word) I haven't been eating a hell of a whole lot. Funny how that in NO WAY corresponds to any resulting weight loss - which there has been none.

So when I saw Nicholas lifting up the cushions on the couch and hungrily inhaling dustbunnies, I figured that I had better make a trip to the grocery store. But this time WITH NO KIDS.

Now I must admit, as much as my offspring are a handful, they are pretty good when I take them out grocery shopping - as long as I am prepared. Prepared as though I was going on a treck in the outback, and not seeing another living soul for days. Even though isle six sells the fish cookies that they love, they just don't taste the same if they haven't been taken home first and put in the special jar - so for those of you thinking I am the biggest dumbass for taking all kinds of snacky food to go GROCERY SHOPPING, you don't know my kids. I don't care if I have to strap on a 30lb backpack with all kinds of provisions - if it keeps them quiet and co-operative without me having to hog-tie them to the buggy, I am doing it.

But yesterday was a big treat. Ken realizes that I don't get to go out as much as I used to before kids, so he told me to take a break and go grocery shopping (which I hate) on my own. Yeah, nice break. But I'll take it.

So of I went to one of our local grocery stores. I got a buggy with a coffee holder, chucked my list in the garbage, grabbed a huge mocha, and set out going up and down EVERY isle in the store. TWICE. When I usually shop, I have my list, I know exactly where everything is, and I am in and out of the store in about 20 minutes (unless of course if Ethan decides to "help" me bag my groceries, which tacks on about another 10 minutes or so). But yesterday was different. It was almost relaxing. I spent far too much money (amazing what you don't know stores have until you really look), and took about an hour and a half.

I think I could make this a regular thing....almost.