Sunday, December 04, 2005

Meet Gordon.

Most little ones have an object that they covet, love, and will never leave home without. A warm, cuddly lovey. Somthing that doesn't hurt like hell when it is accidently smacked against your upper lip.

Nicholas' constant companion is a regular fixture around this place. Meet Gordon.

Gordon is one of Thomas the tank engine's friends. Nicholas knows the name of most of them, but Gordon is by far his favourite. Gordon was aquired about three months ago at the bottom of a box of train tracks that I picked up at a garage sale. As you can see, he has been well used. Gordon does everything Nicholas does. He is the most well fed and bathed train. EVER.

Here is Gordon playing in the leaves.

Gordon having breakfast with Santa.

Gordon's first time in the snow. It was a bit cold, but we think he enjoyed himself.

Nicholas loves his Gordon Train. You won't get a look this cute if you decide to mess with his cherished toy.

No, he may not be as cuddly as a soft, plush animal, but you can still take him to bed and love him just as much.


Ryann said...


So cute!!

Kim said...

Hey, I've just added your blog to my blog list. Let me know if you'd rather not be there.

Brian Lavery said...

Not that I'm an expert or anything, but I find Gordon to be a little pompous. Yeah he's the strongest of the trains, but no need to boast.
If your son is looking for the fat controller and your husband answers she's in the kitchen then you may respond accordingly.

Leslie said...

What a sweet looking little boy with his favorite toy! Brennan's going to bed with Wags and Dorothy every night. He hasn't attempted to take them every where with us yet.

Erin said...

How cute is that?! He knows what he likes, huh? Just be glad he didn't attach himself to Dora or Hello Kitty, I'm sure Ken would be less than thrilled with one of those as his "snuggly"... ;)