Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Almost gone.

There was a big dump of snow in the greater Vancouver area last week (ok, for you on the east coast it was more likely a "skiff") - and it is just disappearing from our place now. We are up quite high on a hill, and for some weird reason, right in the middle of a snowbelt. Six blocks up from our place and six blocks down, there is about half the amount of snow that we get at our house. The kids love it. Driving to work is a challenge. For about 5 minutes. Four wheel drive for about a mile, and then it is all rain and no snow. Truly bizarre.

Anyways, here is the first snowman of the year. Ethan can't wait to build #2.


Celena said...

Thank you for adding me to your blog roll! :D

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays!

I hope the new year brings many blessings for you.

Love, Sassy.