Monday, January 31, 2011

We are doing it!

Ethan asked me late last year if he could run in the annual Vancouver Sun Run. This is a pretty popular run that goes through downtown and is 10K long. There are about 50,000 people every year that take part. In fact, there are so many runners that it takes about a 10-15 minutes actually start running once you get past the start line. 

The last time I trained for the Sun Run I did it to lose the baby weight from Nicholas.  Apparently my body liked it so much that I got pregnant with Renee. At first I had no idea what was wrong with me, but soon after the run was done and I started training for the Royal Victoria Half Marathon, I found out the cause of my fatigue.   So one can understand my reluctance to join Ethan in this venture.

However, I can’t let him run it alone. And Ken can’t do it because he has the knees of a 70 year old. So by default it is going to be me that will have to run it with him.

I am in much better shape now than I was five years ago when I ran the 10K race. But I don’t like to run. I have already told Ethan that we won’t be running the whole thing, but will do a combination of running and walking. I suspect that when he realizes just how long 10k is, he won’t have a problem with that. So far the weather has not been cooperating as far as training goes, so we haven’t had a chance to hit the pavement yet. I have run on the treadmill at the gym a few times, so I know at least that I won’t die in the process. 

About a year ago I took up spinning.  I needed some "me time", and the only time I could get it was at 6:00am!  So I try to hit the gym most mornings, and get in at least a couple of spin classes a week.  It has been a great base to work from as far as the running is concerned.  I just hope that the impact from the running doesn't do a number on my shins. 

This is the learn-to-run program we will be following.  It should be an interesting few months!

Monday, January 24, 2011

How NOT to talk art with kids.

I still remember many years ago a very good friend of mine telling me how we should ask kids about their artwork. NEVER EVER ask a child “oh is this a *insert name of something that the drawing totally looks like here*”? Apparently nine times out of ten the child will think you are smoking crack and wonder how the heck you couldn’t possibly see that what you thought was a shark was actually two dogs fighting over a lollipop?

Last week I spent some time with the son of one of my very dear friends. He is just about the cutest five year old you’ll ever meet, and he LOVES to draw. So while I was trying to compose a speech that I left until the absolute last minute, I gave him some paper and a pen and asked him to draw me something. He set right to work. After about 15 minutes he told me he was done. This is what he came up with:

When I first looked at this, the paper was folded and he showed me the first item circled below.

“oh honey, that is just awesome” I said. “that is a great Angler fish”. He looked up at me with his big huge brown eyes and said “uh is NOT an angler fish. Can’t you see it is just a regular fish wearing a Santa hat?”. Oops. My bad. Never mind that Christmas has been over for a few weeks and my brain is totally out of holiday mode.

Ok, perhaps not totally out of holiday mode - it is the end of January and we still have our Christmas tree up. The tree decorations are put away, we just haven’t gotten around to taking the tree down yet.  Ken thinks it looks kinda nice in the living room. 

Then the little guy shows me this:

“Oh what a great birthday cake!” I said. Again, little beautiful brown eyes looks at me and says “It is NOT a birthday cake!!!”. Oh. I asked him what it was. He then told me that it was a jellyfish with gloves on. Sigh. Considering the theme of the art (sea life), I really should have known.  Perhaps I should do some drawings and see what they think I have drawn.  It really couldn't be much worse could it?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rosy Posy Tea with attitude

Over the past year, little miss Renee has turned into quite the little girl.  Gone are the days of pants and t-shirts, now it is all about dresses, matching tights, sparkly shoes, princesses, and Hello Kitty.  OMG.  Hello Kitty.  I am not a bit fan of Hello Kitty.  In fact, many years ago when walking in downtown Vancouver, I saw someone wearing a shirt like this one:

Granted this is pretty horrible, and I would never ever wear something like this around Renee, but this pretty much sums up feelings about Hello Kitty.  Don't even get me started about the kiosk in the mall that sells everything Hello Kitty, including $25 umbrellas. 

So now that my three-year-old has gone all princess on me, she has started a bit of a tradition with her dad.  Every night after dinner, Renee and Ken sit down and have "rosy posy tea".  Renee graciously allows Ken to sit on the floor, she assumes her spot at the plastic little tykes picnic table in the playroom.  She has the pink tea cup, Ken gets yellow.  They chat, they snack and they drink "tea".  The only little glitch that we'll have to iron out before she ever sits with royalty is the "tea finger".  She tries to be dainty, but giving dear old dad the one finger salute just doesn't cut it (we haven't corrected her though, as it is just too darned cute, and the only time in her life that she'll get away with flippin' her dad the bird).

Monday, January 17, 2011

I sure was busy...

Wow...all of NINE posts in 2010.  Most of them done in the first six weeks of 2010.  Shameful.  I was busy, but I didn't think I was that busy.  I guess facebook is responsible for eating up my internet time. 

I am not one to make resolutions, however I will try harder to keep this up-to-date.  I also need to dust off my camera, for some reason motivation is lacking in that department as well.  Heck, I didn't take one photo at Christmas.  Not one.  I cooked two big family dinners, but didn't bother to capture the events.  Again, shameful.

I did break out my camera yesterday though when this little fella decided to visit.  Along with the odd bear, we do have an assortment of wildlife that tends to visit on occasion. 

So here's to 2011, and hopefully *fingers crossed* a much better blogging year.