Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rosy Posy Tea with attitude

Over the past year, little miss Renee has turned into quite the little girl.  Gone are the days of pants and t-shirts, now it is all about dresses, matching tights, sparkly shoes, princesses, and Hello Kitty.  OMG.  Hello Kitty.  I am not a bit fan of Hello Kitty.  In fact, many years ago when walking in downtown Vancouver, I saw someone wearing a shirt like this one:

Granted this is pretty horrible, and I would never ever wear something like this around Renee, but this pretty much sums up feelings about Hello Kitty.  Don't even get me started about the kiosk in the mall that sells everything Hello Kitty, including $25 umbrellas. 

So now that my three-year-old has gone all princess on me, she has started a bit of a tradition with her dad.  Every night after dinner, Renee and Ken sit down and have "rosy posy tea".  Renee graciously allows Ken to sit on the floor, she assumes her spot at the plastic little tykes picnic table in the playroom.  She has the pink tea cup, Ken gets yellow.  They chat, they snack and they drink "tea".  The only little glitch that we'll have to iron out before she ever sits with royalty is the "tea finger".  She tries to be dainty, but giving dear old dad the one finger salute just doesn't cut it (we haven't corrected her though, as it is just too darned cute, and the only time in her life that she'll get away with flippin' her dad the bird).

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Rinner said... it! That would make for a fun tea party...I'm sure the queen would be impressed! :)