Monday, January 17, 2011

I sure was busy...

Wow...all of NINE posts in 2010.  Most of them done in the first six weeks of 2010.  Shameful.  I was busy, but I didn't think I was that busy.  I guess facebook is responsible for eating up my internet time. 

I am not one to make resolutions, however I will try harder to keep this up-to-date.  I also need to dust off my camera, for some reason motivation is lacking in that department as well.  Heck, I didn't take one photo at Christmas.  Not one.  I cooked two big family dinners, but didn't bother to capture the events.  Again, shameful.

I did break out my camera yesterday though when this little fella decided to visit.  Along with the odd bear, we do have an assortment of wildlife that tends to visit on occasion. 

So here's to 2011, and hopefully *fingers crossed* a much better blogging year.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely delighted to have you back, hope to be hearing lots more from you this year.