Friday, July 28, 2006

MH, this one is for you...

So, after dressing my kid in a rugby jersey, ball cap with the Canucks logo, and a nice pair of vans so that he doesn't look at all like he belongs on a soccer field - I have failed. He loves soccer, much to my distaste. Here is the proof...

Practicing stopping the ball with my foot...

Are you sure this isn't basketball?

Running with the ball (the right way)

Stopping the ball (the not-so-right-way)

He shoots....


Of course, big bro can't have all the fun, now can he?

Friday, July 07, 2006

I am now OFFICIALLY a soccer mom.

Today Ethan had his first soccer class. The local community center has soccer classes for boys aged 3-5 for the month of July, one hour/week, $5 per class. What a deal. Mind you, it would have been nice if I actually got to socialize with a couple of friends instead of chasing Nicholas for the hour and giving him lessons on various bugs we found (now there is a good use of my biology degree).

A couple of nights ago I had a bit of a freak out, as Ethan doesn't have appropriate shoes for soccer. He loves being barefoot, but I figured that I should at least make the effort to find something for him to wear so he doesn't stand out like dog's balls in the middle of the field. In the end I decided that he would be ok in his Vans - not quite runners, and definately not soccer cleats, but it would do.

I have never been a big fan of soccer. I have told my best friend on a number of occasions that if either of my sons shows an interest in the game that she can ferry them to practices and games. We live close to a fairly large soccer field, and every year it seems to pour rain whenever there are soccer tournaments. ICK. The idea of standing outside freezing my ass off and getting soaking wet doesn't do it for me. Unfortunately, once my sons find out that they can kick a ball and get filthy dirty all at once it will be game over. Sigh. At least soccer is cheaper than hockey.

So we show up today at the field, and just as I expected, there were some boys all decked out head to toe in soccer gear. Jerseys, shorts and soccer cleats - on THREE YEAR OLDS. At least there were a good number of kids (mine included) that looked like they rolled out of bed and put on whatever was left on the bedroom floor from the night before.

Ethan loved the class. His listening skills need alot of work, but all in all he had a blast. Once he figures out that he doesn't need to tackle the ball to stop it we may have a half decent player on our hands. Oy.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Last year I was addicted to Rockstar INXS. I couldn't get over all the talent, and this year Rockstar Supernova looks even better. And I find Dave Navarro very sexy in a tattoo covered bad boy sort of way. So not my type, but easy on the eyes.

Rockstar makes American & Canadian Idol look like a second rate 7th grade talent show. I must admit, I can't sing worth crap, and I know that if I ever had the nerve to try out for Canadian Idol, I would be one of those who would be THE WORST of the worst. The Canadian public would never forgive me, thank goodness I am just too old for that kind of stuff.

I am not even going to begin to say who I think would do great on this show. There were a couple of performances tonight that didn't do much for me, but most of them were quite good. I must admit, it is brilliant marketing by Mark Burnett - worked wonders for INXS, I think it will do the same for Supernova.