Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Running - a non event.

This year in my aim to lose some weight I took up running. Actually, the running was really an excuse to get away from the kids for a bit each week and have some "me" time. The weight loss would just be a bonus.

I signed up for the sun run training clinics and did the sun run in April. I had never run 10k in my life, so the fact that I did it non-stop was (for me) pretty impressive.

So a group of us got together and decided to train for the Royal Victoria Marathon in October. Actually, we decided to only do the half marathon, I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be ready for a full marathon yet.

Up until about three weeks ago I was training my ass off. Doing quite well too - I hadn't lost any weight, but I felt great. Then the damned thyroid started to go all nuts. It has happened once before, but it took awhile to stabilize. So now, instead of running 15k without even thinking about it, I can barely even climb a flight of stairs without my heart rate going through the roof. It sucks. The one nice side effect is that my internal thermostat is working overtime, which means that the weight is just coming off - AND I AM NOT EVEN DOING ANYTHING. I know as soon as this gets all sorted though the weight will come back on, so the sveltness will be short lived.

Hopefully this will all get sorted out soon. For now the running is on hold as I can barely even keep up with the kids.

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CeCe said...

too bad about the thyroid, but good for you for doing the 15k! I know I couldn't do it!