Saturday, July 23, 2005

My new social life.

I was at the park the other day with a couple of girlfriends and their kiddos. The one thing that really sucks about playdates is that while it fulfills the social needs of the kids, us moms get the short end of the stick. I don't know how many times we had to halt coversation mid-sentence to chase one of the little rugrats. At least we all realize it is not rude, just a fact of life. Kinda like a night of interrupted sleep.

This park we went to was great in that it was totally fenced in. I could actually let Nicholas wander and do his thing and not worry about him getting out (or at least I didn't until Alex found a hole in the fence that he almost got through - and for once Nicholas was STANDING STILL and PAYING ATTENTION). Wouldn't you know it he tried the same thing five minutes later - unlucky for him I now move at lightning fast speed and had two extra sets of adult eyes watching. After Nicholas realized that he couldn't escape, he started his new trick - walking with his eyes closed. That was the first time I saw him do that, and he decided the best place to try out his new fantastic skill was in the path of the swings. I swear he has horseshoes up his ass, because he managed to navagate through the toddler swings (full of swinging toddlers) unscathed. True to form he was laughing and giggling all the way - even when he drives me nuts he is still pretty darned cute.

As if these kids weren't full of piss and vinegar already, Denise broke out the cookies. Not just any cookies, but cookies from a REAL bakery that are soft and chewy and just screaming to be eaten. I must admit, Ethan was a real sweetie - he came over to me and ASKED if he could have a cookie (for a three year old staring at what must seem like a mount Everest amount of chocolate bliss I was impressed). I caved and had one too (hell, it would have been so rude not too, and I am not one for offending my friends) as did Nicholas. I think the light must have gone on in his head, and we can now officially add bakery fresh chocolate chip cookies to the "oh hell ya feed me some of that" list.

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