Sunday, July 17, 2005

Elmo...the dark side.

Ethan is a typical boy - rough and tumble, playing with all boy things and beating up his younger brother. I think the only "girl" thing he loves is Dora - and I ALMOST gave into his wanting Dora underwear (read - girls panties) while he was toilet training (thank GOD for finding Thomas underwear - I can't imagine explaining to my three year old why he is just too young to start cross dressing).

Even though he is all boy, anything motorized and moving freaks him out. If he sees batteries going into a car, he freaks out and wants them taken out right away. Funny that musical toys that DON'T move are ok, especially the really, really loud ones. What really has me shaking my head though is his reaction to this....

What you and I see is a cute fuzzing singing Elmo. When Ethan's Uncle Paul asked him to "turn on Elmo" this weekend, Ethan FLIPPED OUT and started to cry. We have to store Elmo in the closet where Ethan can't see it - we are convinced that every time we say "Elmo" he sees Chucky.

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