Friday, August 19, 2005

The newest member of our family.

Meet Fred. He is the newest edition to our little family. Actually, Ethan has named him "big fat Fred" and he isn't too far off the mark. Check out the hairs coming off his legs.

Let me just say that I hate spiders. They FREAK ME OUT. I have caught Fred and put him outside about 4 times now, and he always finds a way back and has a new web up and running in no time. Ethan really likes him. He says good morning and good night and blows him a kiss before he goes to bed. He is currently living in the top corner of our bathroom, so maybe Ethan hasn't quite clued into how BIG he really is.

On a lighter, and much cooler note, here are a couple of pics of the full moon last night that I took from our backyard. I am sure they would have been better and brighter if I didn't live in the city or have to deal with the neighbour's porch all lit up like Christmas, but all and all, not too bad.

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