Sunday, August 21, 2005

Fred is on vacation.

So I was talking with my girlfriend the other night and she told me that she thought Fred was one nasty assed spider. She asked me if he was poisionous. My immediate reaction was "We have poisionous spiders in BC?"

I told her I thought it was a great educational opportunity for the kids (except now every time Nicholas sees a spider he calls it Fred - hell, he'll probably fail biology 11 becasue of me). "Besides", M asked me, "what if he bites one of the boys? I am sure that he wouldn't just take a nibble, oh no". According to M, Ethan will only ever be able to count to 19 because, in her eyes, Fred would have dined on his big toe. So after that conversation, I (no, not Ken, and not my burly NZ farming cousin staying with us at the moment) had to tackle Fred. I was the only one brave enough. So I caught him, and walked to the BACK of the yard and hucked him over the fence.

I bet he is back tomorrow. I am a hell of a hostess.


Erin said...

Au revoir, Fred! Hopefully he'll establish a nice new, comfy home...over the fence! ;)

I think you were a wonderful hostess and afterall, he was just a house guest...who over did his welcome!

Anna said...

Boy did he ever! He hasn't returned...yet.