Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Isn't she lovely?

There are days during the week that I have to drag my ass out of bed to tend to the second born who has not quite figured out yet that 5:30 am is NOT prime playtime in this house. There are other days where my pathetic butt must get up to actually get dressed to venture to the outside world and converse with real, live adults for 7.5 hours (not including lunch and coffee breaks). Those are the days, ironiclly enough, that Nicholas decides to sleep in just long enough to hear me shut the door on my way out. I am not sure what my mom has told him, but I am sure she had read his cute little ass the riot act so that she can have a bit of a sleep in on the days that she watches the wee angels while I am at the office.

There are mornings where I actually have enough time to scarf down breakfast, and spend more than 10 seconds trying to make myself look presentable to the general public. Those are the days that I am confident that I look like a real human being and not a mommy who has had 5 hours of sleep and been peed on before 6am. On the days that I can't quite manage to find a matching pair of shoes, much less actually put on my face or drag a comb through my hair I feel like someone who people stare at and think "oh my god...did she even LOOK at herself before she stepped out of her house???". Lucky for me, what is actually said to my face is "oh, you look tired". Hmmm....I got ALOT of that today.

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