Wednesday, August 03, 2005

In about an hour, we are off to the airport to say goodbye to some of the Kiwi contingent that came up for my brother's wedding. Although we only see them once every few years, every time we do get together it is like it was just yesterday the last time we saw them. It still amazes me that this is the nature of the relationship, I feel so close to these people, and really, New Zealand is like a second home to me. Last time they were all here was for my wedding, and I was too busy worrying about getting married and being a bridezilla to spend alot of time just relaxing and hanging out. My only worry about my brother's wedding was making sure that Ethan didn't lose any rings, and we accomplished that - just barely.

My cousin Michael brought out his girlfriend Stephanie out with him, and she fits into our clan like a glove. They were the perfect houseguests - ate my food (in fact, I am sure that I could put a plate of dog shit in front of them and they would have told me it was wonderful), put up with the kids getting up at 5 am, and were offering to help with just about anything at every turn (too bad I cleaned the house from top to bottom before they got here!). I am hoping they give us a great excuse (not that I need one) to get our asses down to NZ in the near future.....(did I mention that I love WEDDINGS???)

It seems odd that the wedding is now over. I am sure it is even more odd for my bro and my new sister (YAY) who can now finally relax and enjoy new married life. I have spent the last couple of days just playing around with lots of pics that I took of the lovely couple and remembering just what a really nice day it was - thank you Kirstin and Paul!

So, to the Kiwi's - thanks for coming up and adding a distinct "down under" flavour to the wedding. We all love you to bits.

And now, more pictures....

I love this picture of Kirstin - she looked absolutely stunning (even from the back!)

Evidence that there are gorgeous, beautiful days in Vancouver.


Jessie said...

The pictures are stunning as always Anna! Teach me! LOL In case you aren't sure who the heck I am it's Jessica from AM. ;)

I love weddings too! I have one later this month and I'm totally excited, even though it's not anyone I really know!

Anna said...

I thought it might be you from the pic....thanks for the complement!