Thursday, June 23, 2005

These are the Days of our Lives

Back when I was in high school, I got addicted to soap operas. A friend and I would bugger off at lunch, go to her place to catch "Days of our Lives" and make it back just in time for science class (back then I was such a nerd, I thought it was "daring" to be LATE for class - but the thought of actually skipping altogether was just not on my radar - man what a geek I was!). That was my first introduction to soap operas. Back then I had to live vicariously though everyone else. Now that I have my own life with kids and almost never get out or get to dress up in big girl clothes I am downright pathetic. If ANYONE has a bit of gossip or juicy tibit to share I am first in line to hear it. It is only because sleep has become a top priority that I don't really watch soaps at all anymore (that and the fact we don't have cable).

I kept up with Days until the latter stages of University. I actually remember scheduling my classes around the show. I got a bit fed up with the soap because it was getting "unrealistic". Imagine an unrealistic soap. One thing that used to get to me was when there was a new baby on a soap, and 5 years later they were 16.

I had a bit of a "real life" experience with that yesterday. I ran into a guy that I hadn't seen for almost 15 or so years. I used to coach his kids in swimming when they were really young. We got to talking, and he was telling me about their university courses and how one of his kids is living overseas. I almost accused him of lying - how in the hell could a 4 year old now be in his 20's???? These small innocent children that I taught how to swim were now old enough to drive, drink and do god only knows what else. Man I felt very very old. Mind you, when he found out that I had kids of my own, he was speechless. HA.

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