Wednesday, June 29, 2005

From blog to playboy

I knew it would happen - as soon as I told people I had a blog, I would get all kinds of reactions. My mom asks regularly if I have blogged, and if not, why not? Oh the pressure. To be honest, I actually do try to think of something to write about that ISN'T kid related. I am finding this somewhat difficult as I have no life and I won't blog about work or co-workers, so all that leaves is sex, and well, I am married with two very young children. Enough said.

I did find an interesting site a few days ago. Jessica Cutler was a Washington DC mail clerk who used her blog to detail her sexual escapades with six different parters - including a Bush administration official and a Capitol Hill staffer. Not surprisingly, she got busted, got fired, and then took it all off for Playboy. Some people that have been blogging forever will likely have heard of her, but considering I was an Ebay virgin up until a couple of weeks ago it is not surprising that I have never heard of this woman (but I am sure that I do score some points for knowing about Dooce - thanks Kirstin!). I somehow think that if I did decide to blog about work and got fired Playboy would be nowhere near my door with my post baby bod and flabby parts.

Oh, by the way, my first e-bay purchase was this little fella's suit.


Anonymous said...

lil man ethan! can't wait to have him flying my wing on the big day. :D

Anna said...

We can't wait either - he is so excited to wear "uncle paul wedding clothes!"