Saturday, June 11, 2005

Big Melon

For all the single guys out there who have stumbled across this blog (and I say "stumbled" because I am positive that no single guy is actively looking for a "mommy blog") big melon is not refering to someone's boob size. However, if that is what you want, just google "big melon" and you will have an abundant array of choices of big tits. Scary really.

Big melon is what my three year old calls his new bicycle helmet. I kid you not. Actually, I am totally to blame. He heard me talking about his large head and refering to it as a "big melon"...

It was recently his birthday, and so Ken and I decided to get him a bike. Now anyone who knows me knows I am the biggest safety geek around, so I bought a helmet for my three year old (who, by the way will only ride his bike for about three feet before dismouting and going to his sandbox. In his helmet - he won't take it off). Of course, I didn't have Ethan with me when I bought the helmet so I guessed at his head size. BADLY. Somehow I didn't think that my son had such a big head. I suppose one look at his father in conjunction with the memories of GIVING BIRTH should have twigged something in my brain that in fact my son's head is huge for his age.

So Ethan opens his gift on the big day and loves his new helmet. He tried to put it on and it didn't fit. Couldn't even get it on his head at all. How embarrasing for the idiot (me) who bought it. So back to the store we go. Ethan is just fascinated with all the different helmets. He picks one out (ugly, ugly, ugly and very expensive - go figure - he's three and he already has it all figured out). We try it on and it is a tad too big. The very helpful sales guy tells me that it is an adult small. ADULT???? Holy crap. Thank goodness it was too big, because in my mind, a helmet that cost $60 is just too much for a three year old.

So after much looking and trying on of various child helmets we get a kids medium. A great helmet (although still ugly, but at this point I couldn't give a rat's ass). Ethan has hardly taken the damned thing off. I guess he figures he has alot to protect up there (and as his mom I would totally agree!).

I guess this stems from the fact that when Ethan was a baby he wore an orthotic helmet for a condition called plagiocephaly. Long story short, he had a flat spot on his head when he was a baby and the helmet helped round it out (with the added bonus of acting as a crash helmet when he was learning to walk!). His flat spot was caused by torticollis that was pretty much undiagnosed. My dealings with the medical community over my son was my indoctrination into learning to be really assertive and bitchy (to people other than my family and friends) - but that is for another post!

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