Sunday, June 19, 2005

And here I was worried I'd have nothing to blog about.

Today I got home from a lovely day with my parents and other family members on the small little island that my parents call home. It was a great father's day - except my husband wasn't there. He was paddling in the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival here in Vancouver. When I got home late tonight with two very tired and grumpy boys, my husband asked me if I would like to see his cock. He said it with a straight face. He said it in front of MY MOM. I hadn't even got a chance to tell him what I nice day we had, and how the kids' grandparents are so creative that they made the boys belive that the dog dish they were cooling off in was a great big swimming pool. OH NO. All my hubby could think about was his cock and how incredibly proud of it he was. He told me it was a fine specimen. He was SO proud that he wanted me to post a picture on my "bloggy thing". So here it is, my husband's cock.

In the Chinese calander this year is the year of the rooster. My huband's team received this rooster as an award for their fundraising activites. Ken tells me that the gay members on his team (and there are a few) were particularly excited to be getting some cock.

My husband is so proud of his cock. And his is only the small one. The "big cock" award went to his company. You should have seen the size of that fella.

And here I was worried that I would have nothing to blog about.

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