Tuesday, June 14, 2005

An easy million bucks...

The other day there was an article in the Vancouver Sun newspaper about the new millionaires – just average folk who lucked out buying homes that are now worth a small fortune. Just as a side note, my husband and I don’t live in one of those homes. Not even close. It is a booming market, and while I can rub my hands in glee thinking of what we could make selling this place (ha ha ha), we would be forced to buy something the equivalent of a garden shed if we ever did move from where we are now. So we stay put.

We were fortutnate enough to attend a wedding last year at one of these Gazillion dollar homes. The bride had essentially thrown this wedding together in five days and it was one of the best weddings I have been to – great location, great food and I got some great photos (I have a knack of not getting the best shots at weddings – if I want to actually make money one day doing this photography thing I had better get my act together). This poor bride had been screwed over royally by the location where she had originally planned to have the wedding, and so she decided to take the situation by the balls and tell the former caterers they could stick it and she would find somewhere else to be married. FIVE days before the wedding date. I am sure they thought that she would be begging them to forgive her a day or two later when she realized she was talking about a wedding and not a hot-dog party in the backyard with a couple of friends. But no. She did it, and did it amazingly well. I wonder if the people at the initial wedding location actually had stuff prepared thinking that she was just bluffing the whole time. Oh I would have loved to have seen that.

So Ken and I are drooling at this home, and sadly, the first thing I thought of was “man, it would take days to clean this place”. Ken told me later that he would have a heart attack even THINKING about mowing the lawn, considering we can’t even keep up with our 70+ year old neighbour who mows his lawn twice a week at least, and sometimes, if ours gets to the point where we might lose children if we let them play outside, he will mow ours too. How freaking embarrassing. It didn’t even dawn on us that IF we could afford a house like that we sure as hell won’t be doing any cleaning or mowing of lawns. Isn't that why we had kids?

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