Sunday, September 11, 2005

Wanna buy a house?

Friends of ours just bought a house. The kind of house that makes the little green monster in me come out. Poor Ken. Every time I hear of another house purchase by someone that isn't us I don't shut up for days. I go all mental on the real estate listings in our area hoping to find the perfect house at the perfect price (CHEAP).

Since it was our anniversary last week, my mom kindly offered to watch the little angels (yes they are total sweet adroable sprogs when I am trying to pawn them off on someone else) so we could go out and dress up in big people clothes and not worry about flying food with a shitty trajectory thrown from grubby little hands. After our nice dinner out, we had some time to kill before the movie, so Ken indulged me and we went for a drive to an area not too far from us where there are lots of new, lovely big homes built with young families in mind. Young RICH families because I know of NO young families that can afford a house that is almost $700,000. Most of these new homes were built so close together that you could read your neighbours paper in the morning over their shoulder from your kitchen while they were taking a shit next door. The only bonus of these grossly overpriced but oh-so-nice big homes was that you could mow the lawn with a pair of scissors.


Anonymous said...

You should move to the Island, where houses are still somewhat reasonable!

Anna said...

I love the island, and lived there for awhile in the 90's (at UVIC). I bet prices there are still high too! If we could switch jobs it would be worth considering.

Celena said...

Victoria has always been expensive, but the rest of the Island has always been cheaper. The whole Island IS going up in price right now, but most of it is still much more reasonable than Victoria and Vancouver! But.. I (think) you work for the government, so I guess Victoria might be your only option?

Anna said...

I'd have to change jobs completely to get out of Vancouver, but since I work for the feds, my options are more open than if I worked for Gordo!