Sunday, September 04, 2005

Is that IT???

I have said in many previous posts that my second born is a very picky eater. He knows what he likes and he will eat alot of that, but when it comes to trying new things he is absoultely hopeless (unless of course it can be found outside in a dirt pile - stuff like that gets popped into the mouth on a daily basis). I am lucky that he does like most fruits and some vegetables, and doesn't mind multigrain bread (with butter, heaven help you if you put margarine on there!).

This morning I cooked myself some eggs, and I let Nicholas sit on my lap while I was eating. Normally I don't do that, but I was chatting on the phone and I know all hell would have broken loose if I didn't let Nicholas climb up on my lap, and frankly, I didn't want to fight that battle this morning. So I did what all the parenting books tell you NOT to do, and I gave in. No sooner was he on my lap that he grabbed my fork, and before I could grab it back (because I assumed that he was going to show me where my eyes were with the sharp, pointy ends) he expertly picked up some eggs and PUT THEM IN HIS MOUTH. Nicholas hates eggs. Or so I thought. Apparently they have a whole different taste if they come off the end of a fork. So tonight we fed our little "I only eat fruits and veggies and if you put near me I will kill you" child a whole bunch of ham - and holy shit he ate it all. With a fork. NONE of it landing on the floor. Give the kid utensils and a whole new world opens up. Holy crap - I can't belive it was just that easy.

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