Monday, September 19, 2005

The Chinese in me.

Stuff I learned being married to an Asian guy...

1. Chinese food eaten at the "Kung Fu Buffet" is not real Chinese food. I had no idea what the real deal was until I had some of my mother-in-law's cooking. I have become such a Chinese food snob it is unreal. If a Chinese restaruant is full of white people, I steer clear. In fact, there have been many a time I have eaten out where I was the only Caucasian in the whole place. And, according to my mother-in-law, I use chopsticks better than most Chinese.

2. There are Chinese telemarketers too, and they are just as annoying as all the other telemarkers out there. Nice thing is that I don't feel the least bit rude when I hang up on them after I tell them I don't speak a word of Chinese.

3. Asian babies are born with blue asses. I kid you not. I had no idea. Both my boys have a faint blue marking on their butts that apparently fades with time (Ken's ass is not blue at all - but it sure is cute :)). After Ethan was born that is one of the first things I looked at - his cute blue ass.

4. Chinese bakeries are amazing. The pasteries are fantastic, the cakes even better.

5. Two words. RED ENVELOPE. That is what you get on special occasions and many other times throughout the year. Inside - MONEY. Gotta love it.


Jessica said...

I could use a few red envelopes! LOL

Leslie said...

My nephews LOVE receiving their red envelopes throughout the year.