Friday, September 16, 2005


Last Tuesday was Ethan's first day of preschool. He is in a parent participation preschool, so that means that while he is busy "learning through play", I am busy attending meetings, doing assigned jobs and fundraising my ass off. Who knew that preschool was so demanding?

One of our parent meetings we had last week had a guest speaker. She talked to us old folks about sex and what we should be teaching our sweet innocent three year olds. Actually, she was fantastic and laid everything out in an "age appropriate" manner. She outlined what kids should know at what ages, and I judging by that, I barely pass the five to six year old category. Who know that talking to your kid about his penis and testicles and other associated parts in a matter of fact way could be such a cheap form of entertainment? The way she did the talk was quite clever - she did it in such a way as to not make us look like complete dumbasses when it comes to sex and all things related, and yet remind us of all the stuff we should already know and pehaps don't.

I can't belive that my son is old enough to be asking about sex stuff (and he does) and I am the one that is having to come up with the answers while not laughing my ass off. Just the thought of my mother talking to me about all things sex makes me want to curl up in a corner and cover my eyes and ears (and I am sure my brothers feel the same way!). Besides, how much could she really know when she has only done it three times?

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Jessica said...

It's a little weird to start the sex talks so young, but I definitely think it's a good thing.