Tuesday, September 27, 2005

All that goes in....must come out.

On our recent trip to Seattle, Ethan had a first. It was a first that I had NOTHING to do with - I figured that I would let Ken bask in the wonder and excitement of a "first" all on his own.

We were eating at a buffet when Ethan announced, quite loudly, that he had to poo. Both Ken and I looked at each other, and I told him that this was all his as he is an expert (compared to me anyways) in the poo department. Ken got this look of "how the hell am I going to do this", and I told him that at least our son picked a great time to do the public dump, as we both were here and he didn't have to drag in Nicholas with us and contend with his facination of the toilet and throwing all things into the big white abyss.

Ethan has a ritual when he takes a shit. He has to be completely naked (including socks, shoes and shirt) and he has to be left totally alone. So Ken gets him into the toilet stall, puts down a sheet of that wonderous toilet seat tissue paper (which Ethan had never seen before and was just fascinated with it) and proceeds to strip Ethan down until he is completely nude. Ethan then hops up on the seat and tells his daddy to kindly "go away". Ken steps outside the stall and the grunting and groaning begins. Ethan then discovers the cracks in the stall door, and decides to play (very loudly) "peek-a-boo" with his dad. By this point, Ken is trying to entertain our son, hold the stall door closed, and make sure that none of the clothes that he had bunched up under his arm fell onto the floor. No wonder he looked exhaused when he came back to the table. Ethan - well he was triumphant. As he told the waiter "I do a big poo in your toilet - but not as big as the elephant".

Elephant poo photos to follow tomorrow.


celena said...

OMG!! you'd better NOT post photos of that tomorrow! Hee hee.

Leslie said...

Completely nude huh????? Hopefully as Mr Ethan gets older he'll realize that he WANTS his clothes to stay on in a public bathroom.

Anna said...

No kidding! He hasn't had to do the deed at preschool yet....hopefully that won't be an issue!