Thursday, November 17, 2005

Who reads this stuff anyways?

When I first started this blogging thing, it was an "outlet" for me to gripe, whine and bitch about bits and pieces of my life so that I wouldn't drive my friends or co-workers nuts (hell, I already do that, why add fuel to the fire?). I still haven't told alot of people about it - my family knows, a few close friends, maybe two co-workers, and a group of moms that I regularly chat with online (hi AM'ers!) and that is about it. I have to laugh when friends tell me that they know be better now (and maybe a bit more than they ever wanted to) since reading this blog. I know that the few blogs that I read of people I actually know in "real life" are quite entertaining, and give a great perspective into someone you thought you knew quite well. I really do look forward to reading the blogs I regularly keep up with on a daily basis - even those of people I don't know at all.

I am not a writer (shhh....don't tell my boss - I have lots of reports that I have to get written in the next while, and I don't want my mantra of "baffle with bullshit" figured out quite yet). I do enjoy this blog thing though.

And for the person in Switzerland who came across it by googling "manure inspector pictures", I hope the elephant shit shots helped.


Brian Lavery said...

I'm reading it. I found you through Celena's site.
Beautiful photos of the North Shore and the park.
Blogging is hard; I struggle to come up with topics. You seem to be doing a pretty good job.

Anna said...

Thanks Brian - I checked out your site too (through Celena). I used to be a competitive swimmer, and am hoping that repeated visits to your site get my butt in gear and back to the pool!

Celena said...

Well, don't I feel special! Hee hee..

Ali said...

sometimes i feel weird when people i actually know read my blog. then i get nervous about having to censor certain topics.

my sister in law actually told me that she knows more about me because of the blog.

Ryann said...

I also stole the link from celena.
so, Hello.

you help me keep entertained