Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sign me up for some of that baby!

The best thing about feeling like something the cat hocked up when you are not pregnant or breastfeeding? DRUGS. I am going to pump me so full of cold and sinus medication that I am going to sleep for days.


Callie said...

Jealous... so jealous.

I have a volunteer thankyou wine & cheese party tonight. I can't drink wine, and half of the cheese will probably be unpasteurized. Sigh.

Nice pics, BTW. Where those ones of the Seymour Demo Forest?

Anna said...

I was in that boat for almost 5 years all up, so it is nice to be able to take stuff for colds or enjoy a glass of wine now and then...

As for the pics, that was in a park in the burbs just outside of Vancouver, although I remember fondly when I used to rollerblade thru the demonstration forest!