Sunday, January 22, 2006

We got a new desk. Now we need a new house.

A few weeks ago, one of my co-workers asked me if I could use a computer desk. He said it was in great condition, but he got a new desk and wanted to find a good home for the one he had been using. Without thinking, I automatically said "sure!".

After I arranged to pick up the desk, I thought long and hard about where the hell we would put it in our house. We already have a computer desk that is wedged in a corner in the boys' play area, and our house is full to the rafters with mostly kids stuff. I can't wait for someone I know to get knocked up so I can get rid of alot of it!

So I pick up the desk, bring it home and leave it in the living room. Ken is looking at me like I have two heads, and I am sure he is wondering what the hell I was thinking. I did think at the time I said "yes" to this desk that it would be great for the boys in a few years. I just didn't think long and hard where it would live until then. While I mulled over where it could fit where it wouldn't stand out like dog's balls, I figured that since we had nowhere to put it, we needed a new house. But since we can't afford a new house (or a very very old one thanks to the Vancouver real-estate market) I decided to leave the desk in the living room and put some plants around it so that maybe it could look like it just blends in.

It isn't only the desk that is a new furniture item in this house. The boys got a great play fort for Christmas, and Ken and I have been trying to think of a place to put that monstrosity. It is really cute, but their play area is so full of stuff, that we had to move some crap from there and put it in the spare room (sorry mom, I guess you are now sleeping out in the shed) to make room for the new fort.

So we spent a good part of our Saturday night (yes, the riveting lives of married folk) putting this thing together.

The boys loved it. That is, until they saw the box it came in. Oh the joys. Lord help us all if we get a new fridge anytime soon!

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Celena said...

Classic! Boxes are the BEST!