Sunday, January 08, 2006


Today I am officially in my mid thirties. I remember years ago thinking that was really, really old. Now that forty is the new twenty, maybe it isn't so bad.

My dad has always had a knack for writing prose, and this is what I got in my birthday card today. I love it.

We feel proud to see that you did survive
To reach the age of thirty and five
And in those years you've accomplished lots
Not the least of which is your two little tots.

From out of school with a big degree
Then back to school at BCIT
Where you learned to become a safety geek
And then develop your own technique.

During that time you met your man Ken
Who made you feel like a silly brood hen
He gave you a ring in a little blue pouch
Which you later misplaced in the back of the couch

Over the years you had Ethan and Nicky
And held down your job which was really tricky
You learned how to mother without a degree
You and Ken became members of the bourgeoisie

Between work and your studies and of course music class
You've had not time to sit on your ass
Just enough time to take photos of course
And get Ken off to dragon boating to prevent a divorce.

Our advice to you dear as you reach thirty five
Is to take time for yourself, to keep you alive
Keep fit and keep smiling should be two of your tricks
A surefire recipie to reach thirty six.


Leslie said...

Awesome Anna! Your dad did a fantastic job!

Happy Birthday!

Brian Lavery said...

What a great poem!
Happy Birthday Anna.

Anonymous said...

That's such a beautiful message to receive from your father. He's so proud of you. Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday!

Celena said...

Happy Birthday! Your Daddy is AWESOME! hee hee