Monday, October 03, 2005

My kid makes more than me.

Today Nicholas was at a photoshoot for a company that makes kids shoes. Ken has a friend who works for this company (which I can't name right now, but will once the pics come out) and they were looking for kids, and having children that are "ethnically diverse" was a big bonus. I tell ya, my kiddo will have famous legs one day - I don't think they took more than a handful of shots of his whole body - but must have taken a hundred or so of his feet. Can one tell if a child is ethnically diverse by his legs?

He made a bit of coin (more than I make in an hour for about 10 minutes of work) and got a couple of pairs of shoes out of the deal. Not too shabby. All he had to do was play in a bunch of sand and keep his legs still. He thought he was in heaven. Oh yeah, they fed him too. The sand was delicious.

Ethan is up on Wednesday. He has pretty cute legs too.

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Kirstin said...

I should have known to look here for the scoop - glad it went well!