Monday, October 24, 2005


There is a new coffee shop going up near my work. That makes SEVEN within a one-block radius of my office door. None of them are chains either - they are all small, independent very expensive coffee shops. And they are flourishing. Man, us government workers must drink alot of coffee.

It is ironic that just as this new coffee shop is starting, I am thinking about going off of coffee, and drinking alot more water. A few months ago before my brother got married, I was bound and determined to lose a huge amount of weight so I could be waif-like (yeah, I know, 5'10 waif - in my dreams). I lost almost 15 pounds, and as of July 31st, not another ounce has come off, and I am still "dieting". I have actually changed the way I eat for the most part, and most days I do really well. I am trying not to make it a chore or hard to do, so when I crave something, I have it. Unfortunately, I think my body has fixated itself on my current weight, and no matter what I do, it seems that it isn't making a hill of beans of difference (unless someone is screwing with my scale....)

I read somewhere that if you drink lots and lots of water, it will help with the weight loss. I figure that since the can is exactly 104 steps from my desk at work, all that exercise going to the bathroom will burn enough calories to see that last 10-15 just melt away.

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