Thursday, June 02, 2011

Day Two - What I wore today...

Only onto the second day of this challenge, and I must admit, the first two days haven't been my idea of a whole lotta fun because I had to be a part of the two photos.  Mind you, if I just thought outside of the box once in awhile I am sure I would have figured out how to do the shots without actually being in them.  June is a crazy busy month at our place, so it has been more of the "going through the motions" rather than thinking of new and fantastic ways to do things.

So day two of the 30 day photo challenge over at White Peach Photography has us taking photos of what we wore today.  Well, today on the Wet Coast it is raining, so much so in fact that I had to pull out the rain boots.  How depressing.  No photos of that thank you very much.  So I took a shot of my workout gear (on me just before I left for spin class at 5:30 am).  I love my lululemon top, and the shorts were a find (on sale - yea!!!). 

Ironically tomorrow's shot is of clouds, and according to the forecast, there aren't supposed to be any in these parts.  I'll really have to do some thinking then!

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Anonymous said...

Delighted that you are back, will be looking forward to this month!