Friday, August 15, 2008

Just bodies

The superhero photo challenge this week over at
shuttersisters is "just bodies" and when I saw that there was one picture in particular that I thought of immediately - Daddy and son walking on the beach.

The only downside with this shot is that it was taken with a film camera, so I have just scanned it - the quality isn't as great, but you get the idea.

My brother got married recently, and I caught this shot of the maid of honour - she had spent the good part of a very long day on her feet, and decided that she'd give her feet a rest for a bit...


HipMomma said...

Nice job. I think I'm lovin' the top shot though. It's the sweet tiny feet and the footprints.

(Came from Shutter Sisters.)

Stephanie said...

I love the top shot with all the footprints. It tells a great story.

Emily said...

Hi there. Here via Shutter Sisters.

Ooof. Those footprints in the sand...a fading mark on the surface; an indelible imprint on childhood. Glad you thought to capture that moment.

Leslie said...

That's a wonderful father-son shot, worthy of framing!