Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Where does the time go?

Six years ago today Ethan was born. Hard to believe how fast time goes and how fast kids grow up.

He has been looking forward to today for awhile - he gets to pick what he wants to eat for lunch and dinner - so he picked sushi and quiche. I have made some really pathetic cupcakes for dessert tonight - thankfully his six year old palate is not too discerning at this point.

So this afternoon I took the kids to the mall in search of some good sushi (and french fries). After a good feed of raw fish and deep fried spuds we were heading over to the car when Ethan asked me if it hurt when he was born. I told him that yes, it hurt, but after it was all done it didn't hurt anymore. He then asked if I said "ouch". Um...yeah....that among some additional colourful phrases. In fact, the first thought I had when I found out I was pregnant with Nicholas was "holy crap - I have to give birth again!". When I found out I was pregnant with Renee I just about fell over in shock, and then remembered how painful the birth of the boys was. I had no way of knowing that her birth was by far the worst on the pain scale (and I thought it got easier).

Alot has changed over the past six years - and if someone told me I'd have three kids and my career pretty much on hold I would have told them they were crazy. One thing that hasn't changed though is that Ethan STILL sucks his fingers. Maybe that is something we should work on for next year.

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Beth said...

Happy 6th Birthday, Master Ethan!! Anna, I totally hear you on the finger sucking thing, but in a slightly different way. When Jordan was just a baby, and still drinking from a bottle, he'd hold it in one hand, get a glazed look on his face, and use his free hand to caress whatever was hand, my hair, etc. He STILL does it to this day (albeit with a water bottle and not a baby bottle) and it just transports me back in time to that baby age. He STILL gets that glazed look too!