Friday, April 04, 2008

Mommy's little "helper".

One of the hardest things to do when you have more than one child is trying to find time to spend with each of the kids. Renee sucks up alot of my time and attention because she is the baby - although she is really good at keeping herself occupied, and her brothers (for the most part) are great entertainers. In fact, right now Ethan is explaining the finer points of farting to his little sister. And she is loving it. But I digress....

Nicholas and I usually get to spend a couple of hours together on the days he doesn't have preschool. Renee naps in the morning, and Ethan is in Kindergarten, so Nicholas loves his one on one time with me. And what he likes to do best is bake. I love baking too, but I have to be careful because said baked goods must get eaten at some point, and if they are lying around, I will usually munch away mindlessly.

Yesterday we baked banana bread. This recipie is one that I have modified and tested until it tastes just like the kind Starbucks sells (a side note - banana bread sold in Starbucks in Canada is VASTLY different from it's US counterpart - my kids will not touch the US banana bread - go figure).

Every time I get ready to bake and start getting out bowls and stuff Nicholas comes running, grabs a chair and positions himself right in the middle of all the action. He is quite a good helper - and so because he is so good at helping me, he wants to be rewarded with the fruits of our labour that don't make it into the baking pan. As you can see below, he is not one to waste any batter!


Rinner said...

Mmm! Sounds like a recipe you'll have to share! ;)

Krista said...

Hi! Found you through Shuttersisters.

I love these pictures. If that's not enthusiasm, I don't know what is! His head fully immersed in the bowl is simply priceless. :-)