Thursday, February 02, 2006

More of what???

I don't think it is too much of a secret that I want more kids - at least on the days where the two I have don't send me close to the edge. They have been really good this past week - which does not bode well for Ken when we head off on vacation (without the kids) in a few days. I really want to try for a little girl (but would be happy with another boy), but Ken is convinced that if we try again, I will have twin boys and we will have to work until we are 80 in order to support FOUR boys. I am not convinced it would be that bad, although I can imagine the grocery bill would be a tad overwhelming when they got older.

One of my co-workers was asking me the other day what our plans were when we were away. I looked at her, and said (straight faced I might add) "I'm going to get knocked up". She just about spat out her coffee in shear and utter shock - and asked me if Ken knew about this. Oh, Ken knows. Every vacation we have taken in the past (with the exception of our honeymoon and a wedding we went to back east last year) I have got pregnant (either that or I was already pregnant on the vacation). So, I figure the odds are pretty much in my favour.

My other aim is to get a nice tan. I am not much of a lie-in-the-sun person, but I sure as hell am a swim-in-the-warm-ocean type of person, so chances are I will be getting a bit of colour. That would be a nice change from my rain induced pasty white complexion at the moment.

Too bad when Ken came home after work he told me that he made a pit stop on the way home....for condoms and sunscreen.


Celena said...

Me thinks you should "accidently" leave the condoms and sunscreen at home. AND, I think you should tell your man what I've told mine. "I'm NEVER going back on birth control, so if you want to stop having kids (after the second one), then YOU have to go get snipped!"

Good luck, anyway!

Callie said...

Oh my! You really were serious about having another! I can just imagine how many litres of milk you'd have to buy for that many boys... I'll try and think "girl thoughts" for you!

Have fun!

Ramblings of a Redhead said...

I think it would be realy nice to be able to plan on getting pregnant, there is something about it that is special.

I am jealous of your tanning abilities, my redhead skin is pale all 12 monthes :P You'll come back glowing and the rest of us Vancouverites will be like 'Damn, she glows!'

Came across your blog just now, I look forward to reading more :)