Friday, January 04, 2008


I have been on facebook for awhile now, and it has been really interesting catching up with old friends that I had lost touch with. I kinda like the virtual mode of keeping in contact as I am a bit of a homebody and not the most social person on the planet.

The other day I experienced one of the downfalls of facebook - someone put a picture online of me when I was in University, and it is NOT the most flattering picture. Even if I wasn't on facebook, there is no way to stop someone from posting pictures if they want, at least this way I know they are out there. I have many friends who have yet to succumb to the facebook craze (minus Miss A - who swore up and down she would NEVER join and lo and behold she is now a facebook member), and I have seen pictures of them posted (none that are really bad, but some that are a bit unflattering). I thank the good man above that I went to University and high school at a time before digital cameras, so any photos of me need to be scanned and uploaded - hopefully a task that is too much of pain in the ass for anyone to bother with. The world would be a much better place if no-one had to look at pics of me when I had the "looks like something crawled up on your head and died" hairstyle (thanks to my husband for that comment).

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Jessa said...

I actually posted a pic of my SIL on Facebook because she looked scary! I haven't seen any bad pictures of me yet. I wasn't much into being photographed in my "younger" years.