Thursday, December 20, 2007

What do they DO at school????

Renee has been sick. All month. Between teething, croup, a couple of nasty colds and fevers I am surprised we are both able to function. I KNOW she is functioning because my toothless nine month old is pulling herself up on things and figuring out how to climb stairs. My gummy wonder will be walking before she has teeth.

I don't ever remember the boys being this sick for such a long time. I remember the odd cold and teething pains with the occasional bout of croup, but nothing as bad as poor Renee has had to deal with. This lack of sleep is turning me into one bitchy momma. At least when I had one sick baby I could nap in the afternoon. Now if I fall asleep I am likely to wake up from my slumber with my face decorated with non-toxic marker.

So this has made me wonder why Renee? The only thing that I can come up with is that Ethan and Nicholas spend their time at school licking all their friends and happily sharing the nasties they bring home with their baby sister.

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Jessa said...

I would guess it's the school germs too! My two get sick a lot less now that they are in school then they did when it as just the occasional playgroup here and there.