Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I honestly thought that being at home would give me an opportunity to blog more and pull my camera out and actually take some pictures of my new wee girl. Yeah right. People are dumbfounded when I tell them that the pictures I took in the last post are pretty much the only ones that I have of Renee on her own (I have a few of the boys and her, but I really want to get some nice arty farty type ones of her that I can put on the million thank-you cards I have to get done at some point).

I am still working at one of my jobs, which thankfully is over in a couple of weeks. I am teaching a distance education course at one of our local post secondary institutions, and it is all good - except the marking. Final exams and final assignments, and 40 students all wanting their marks RIGHT NOW. It is funny being on the other side of the fence - teaching instead of being a student and stressing about the next paper I have to write. It is a different kind of stress now, I want to be sure that I am fair to all students when I am marking their papers. It is funny how some students just "get it" and others are so far in left field it isn't even funny. By kid #3 I am quite good at the multi-tasking, and have managed to get breastfeeding and marking done all at the same time.

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