Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

So....boy or girl? And the "?" isn't photoshopped in, it is actually on the shirt!


CeCe said...

ooh, that shirt is awesome. Almost makes me want to have another pregnancy, just so I can wear that shirt.

I said "almost", but I so wouldn't actually get pregnant again. YOU AND YOUR CUTE SHIRTS AND CUTE BELLY CAN'T MAKE ME WANT TO GET PREGNANT AGAIN! Just sayin'.

And it's ... ummm.. I'll say "girl" just to make you happy.

Eve said...

For absolutely no reason, I am going to guess GIRL.
You look so adorable, with a perfect belly.

I will cross my fingers for you that you can get the drugs during labour. If they didn't have drugs available at my hospital, I would still be 19 months pregnant right now. I just wouldn't do it.

Brian Lavery said...

It's going to be another boy!

Leslie said...

It's gonna be a little girl! I love the shirt Anna!