Wednesday, February 28, 2007

An update of sorts...

Wow...two months have gone by since I have updated my blog. Funny how I get so ticked when the blogs that I read daily aren't updated, and yet I have gone ages without doing anything with mine. Mind you, those that are "regular" readers are likely the odd family member or co-worker, so they get the scoop (usually).

Alot has happened in the last two months. We bought a bigger house. We sold our house (in 18 days!). We met some really slimy dickhead real estate agents, one of whom accused us of living in a drug house (and the idiot put it in writing, so I will be using that when I write a complaint to the real estate board). It was a stressful time, especially since we bought the bigger house before we even put ours on the market. Thankfully all the hard work of de-cluttering and keeping the place spotless paid off. Now that we don't have to deal with showings or open houses we can go back to living like normal, whatever the hell that is with two young kids who are always into dirt and making the biggest mess possible at every opportunity.

Oh yeah, we also bought a MINIVAN. Anyone who knows me and my dear hubby knows what a big thing that was. We were never going to be minivan drivers. NEVER EVER. And now we are. I can fit three carseats IN ONE ROW. Insane. Ken tells all his buddies that the minivan is mine, but secretly, I know he loves driving it.

Today is my first day of maternity leave from work. I can't believe that I don't have to go back for a year (maybe more). I think after a week my kids will be begging me to return to work. After a week I might just feel like I need to go back for a rest. Thankfully I only worked part-time, so it isn't as much of a shock to the kids as if I had been away all week at work.

Not much in the way of baby news. I am HUGE, but it is mostly all baby, which is much different from the last two pregancies. We had a heart ultrasound done on this wee bean to check to see if all was ok (it seems to be), but they wouldn't tell us if the baby was a boy or girl, so it is still anyone's guess at this point. I suppose this baby could come anytime in the next couple of weeks, so I guess I had better get a belly shot at some point! I am really not looking forward to labour, the last two were painful, and my chances of getting any drugs for this one are slim to none. ACK.

So that is about it. Even the pictures have been terribly lacking - but I am sure that will pick up once this baby gets here.

If you made it through all of this and didn't fall asleep, congrats.

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CeCe said...

Wow! big life changes! Good to hear from you!