Thursday, November 23, 2006

Filthy Dirty

Many of my friends have little girls. Little girls who can sit still for more than five seconds and colour (on the paper, and not the walls and chairs thank you very much). My little guys can't sit still. They love being on the move, and all the better when they are outside covered in dirt. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind the fact that our backyard looks like an excavation site ("look mommy....HOLES"), or that my kids create more laundry than I ever thought I could do in a lifetime. As long as it isn't sleeting outside - which by the way it has been for the last week - they are in the backyard doing their thing.

A couple of months ago I managed to capture my two little munchkins in happy moods and quite receptive to being within a foot or two of each other. Even though they are filthy, I just love this shot. I could easily photoshop out the dirt, but I am not going to.

There is another side of "filthy" I was exposed to this week from the youngest - his little wee potty mouth. Big brother was having a fit over something, and generally being a bit of a handful. Nicholas just sits and watches Ethan, and after a couple of minutes asks Ken "Daddy, is Ethan being a little shit?". Perfect context and everything. Oy. Wonder where he got that from....


CeCe said...

I can't get over how cute your boys are!

Leslie said...

Fabulous photo Anna! I wouldn't photoshop it either.

As for the little shit comment...gotta love it.

Dayna said...


wow!! how great to hear from you!! so, i guess from my blog you can tell that i got married and moved to virginia. that all happened in 2001 and the kids came shortly thereafter. congrats on being pregnant with your 3rd. life gets crazy let me tell you.

i have been busy with the kids and i am still teaching swimming lessons. i have also just launched a new website called you should check it out. send me an e-mail from that site with you phone number and i will call you and we can catch up.

it was so wierd that you found my blog. about 2 weeks ago i had tom collins and thought of you and me and andrew sellers at that club at white rock beach...oh the memories!!

looking forward to catching to you soon.