Wednesday, March 22, 2006

blah blog has been ages since I have blogged. I honestly thought I could easily keep this up daily, but it isn't turning out that way. I have been so tired lately - work is CRAZY (but I really like my job) and even though I technically only work part-time, it feels like I am working full time. It is great it is so busy, but by the end of the day I am ready to just crash in front of the tube.

I have also taken up running. A long long long time ago I used to be a competitive swimmer. Not that I was ever a serious threat in the pool...I once swam against Victor Davis (a Canadian champ from way back) in an fun race at a swim meet and he KICKED MY ASS. It was all downhill from there. Lots of swimming and coaching over the years has given me a serious case of chlorine burn out, so I have decided to train to run - starting with a 10K race to be held here in Vancouver at the end of April. I am quite impressed with myself - about 2 months ago I could barely run 30 seconds without passing out, and last night I ran 30 minutes. The only thing that has been frustrating as hell is that I haven't lost any weight. I guess I am gaining muscle, but still, I want that scale to scream "skinny" when I step on it.

I also had my first photography gig on the weekend. A friend's wedding in Downtown Vancouver. It went ok, on a scale of 1-10 I give myself about a 7 for the pics. I would love to post some now, but since the bride and groom haven't even seen them yet, I should wait....I'll get them up once they are edited (have I mentioned that I LOVE PHOTOSHOP?).

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Celena said...

Oooh, I'm glad you're using your talent for other people! You take such awesome photos. That's probably why I keep on coming back! (I still really love that old photo of your kids playing around the clothesline!)